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About PCM

Professional Case Management operates four different divisions, each providing unique services.

Nuclear Weapons & Uranium Worker Home Care: Since World War II, hundreds of thousands of nuclear weapons and uranium workers contributed to the nation’s nuclear weapons programs. Many of these workers have become ill due to their exposure to radioactive and toxic substances. PCM is proud to be the first and largest in-home care provider to specifically serve nuclear weapons and uranium workers under the EEOICPA and RECA programs.

Cold War Patriots: Over the years, PCM has developed unparalleled expertise in navigating the complexities of the EEOICPA and RECA programs and advocating for workers’ continued access to benefits. In 2008, PCM founded Cold War Patriots as a community resource organization to provide information, advocacy and recognition to the nuclear weapons workers and uranium miners, millers and haulers who served on behalf of this nation.

PCM Impairments: Offers free impairment evaluations nationwide for anyone who holds a U.S. Department of Labor white medical benefits card. PCM Impairments offers a thorough medical records review plus an in-depth conversation with an EEOICPA-enrolled impairment physician. PCM Impairments believes this personal interaction with a physician provides the best impairment evaluation experience available.

Catastrophic Care Services: PCM offers comprehensive in-home nursing services and medical treatment for those who have suffered from spinal cord or serious brain injuries. PCM strives to place the most qualified nurses in clients’ homes for the highest quality of care. PCM works with its clients, as well as their doctors and families, to develop a plan that treats the whole person, not just the condition.