PCM Mission

Bringing Hope Home.

Sometimes home is more than a place—it’s a feeling. One filled with fondness, comfort and freedom that just makes life a little better. At PCM, we believe everyone deserves that feeling.

Our mission is to deliver care and other services that enhance the quality of life of clients in the most healing of environments – the home.

With a breadth of services offered across numerous divisions, PCM works passionately to instill strength and new hope in the lives of deserving individuals. We’re a diverse, highly collaborative team. And in everything we do, we share a strong set of core values.




There’s strength in numbers. No matter who is on our team – nurses and caregivers, doctors, clients, families… we know the importance of communication and collaboration. We are eager to lend a hand. By teaming up and working enthusiastically toward the same goal, we can expand our knowledge, share ideas and find the best ways to achieve success.

Focus • Experience • Quality • Compassion

What is right isn’t always what is easy. But hard work pays off. At PCM, this shows through the personal, genuine connections we make with our clients and their families. We understand the importance of empathy and compassion, and that quality care takes patience. By focusing on the human impact of our work, and through dedicated sponsorship of organizations like the American Cancer Society, our reputation bolsters confidence and trust in the lives we touch.

Plowing snow during a blizzard to ensure a client gets care. Supplying life-saving information to a former nuclear weapons worker. Travelling great distances to provide a client the care they need so they can remain at home. Stories like these are commonplace at PCM. The healthcare industry is constantly changing, presenting new challenges, big and small. Our experience and foresight allow us to adapt to these challenges in stride, always thinking a few steps ahead before we act. Even if the challenge seems unsolvable, we never give up when it really matters.

From humble beginnings over 30 years ago in Denver, Colorado to more than 17 offices nationwide, PCM has grown into an industry leader in home care and kept our entrepreneurial spirit along the way. We say “yes” to challenges, which led us to become the first enrolled provider to serve clients under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICP). Now we’ve grown to care for more nuclear weapons and uranium workers than any other provider.  And we’ve expanded our services to include an Impairments Division to further assist workers in getting the compensation they have earned. We continuously stretch ourselves to elevate our standard of care. When you dare to lead, you inspire others to follow.

You can trust PCM to deliver high quality home care to all we serve. We do so, in part, by taking ownership. We take pride in understanding the specific needs of our unique clients and believe courage is the cornerstone of personal and professional success.  We know our work is meaningful, so we act with a sense of urgency.  By counting on everyone to do their part, we inspire each other to grow stronger, smarter, and more driven in our work.

In March 2021, Professional Case Management’s Information Systems team received CIO Magazine’s 2021 CIO 100 Award, an honor recognizing innovation in technology to achieve business value. By implementing new platforms and tools, PCM was able to integrate data across multiple cloud platforms and innovated an automated workflow. PCM’s IS team then created and integrated a custom eligibility engine to comply systematically with state-based licensing requirements for its nurses. In addition, as an early adopter of security features that ensured data are secure and auditable, PCM was able to quickly achieve GDPR, HIPAA and CIS20 compliance. These efforts contributed to preventing thousands of vulnerable citizens from contracting COVID-19.