The PCM Commitment

PCM Commitment

Client Satisfaction is Our #1 Goal

Professional Case Management is committed to providing a high standard of professional care for each and every client. To ensure that outstanding care and services are being delivered, PCM has implemented a number of ongoing improvement and accountability mechanisms:

Client Satisfaction Surveys: Throughout the year PCM sends surveys to clients, asking them objective questions about the quality of services provided. Based on this information, PCM is able to identify areas of improvement in its clinical practices and overall service. Every year since 2008, over 95% of PCM clients have reported they would recommend the company’s services to a family member or friend.

Caregiver Advisory Committee: PCM has a Caregiver Advisory Committee that meets regularly to review and provide oversight of the company’s clinical practices. This includes reviewing clinical documentation, care planning, grievances, medical incidents, personnel issues, and several other operational matters.

Professional Advisory Committee: PCM has a Professional Advisory Committee in which an independent physician and a registered nurse work alongside PCM employees to review and establish policies, review the quality assurance plan, and evaluate the overall performance of the company.

Compliance Committee: PCM’s Compliance Committee works to ensure that company employees are acting in an ethical manner, and in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations. The compliance committee operates a confidential hotline at 888-916-8989. You may also contact the Compliance Committee at [email protected]

Quality Assurance Program: PCM’s Quality Assurance Program includes regular clinical documentation audits which are designed to identify areas in need of improvement. The Caregiver Advisory Committee and Professional Advisory Committee provide guidance on areas to monitor and on the necessary actions to improve in practices.