At the Heart of Care: Honoring Our Nurses and Caregivers' Compassion

At the Heart of Care: Honoring Our Nurses and Caregivers’ Compassion

Happy Nurse Appreciation Month! May is a special time to honor the outstanding work of our Nurses and Caregivers. We appreciate the dedication, compassion and care these team members show their clients and colleagues every day.

Below are a series of stories featuring some of our longest-tenured team members. They share their personal journeys, motivations, and what they love about their roles. We celebrate them and each valued nurse and caregiver at the heart of compassionate care.

Allison Glover, from Texas, joined the nursing profession in 2008 and humorously notes she’s been with Professional Case Management even longer than she’s been a mom, having welcomed her first child in 2009. She always knew that helping people was her calling and never considered any career other than nursing. Thank you for everything you do, Allison!
Cynthia, based in Iowa, has been serving in the health field since 1992 and joined the Professional Case Management team in 2016. From a young age, she knew her calling was to help others, a passion that deeply influenced her career. She has a special dedication to working with veterans, ensuring they receive the care they deserve. We are immensely grateful for her exceptional care and passion. Thank you, Cynthia!
Hailing from Kentucky, Natasha’s desire to enter health care was sparked at the age of 14, following her father’s quadruple bypass surgery, a first at their local hospital. Throughout her father’s recovery, she assisted with his medications, wound care and mobility. Her early experiences shaped a compassionate and diligent career dedicated to helping clients heal. Thank you, Natasha, for all that you do!
Meet Michelle, an adventurous Iowa-based Case Manager whose passion for the outdoors complements her dynamic nursing career. Whether she’s paddleboarding, kayaking, or conquering Tough Mudder courses, her zest for life is as evident as her dedication to her clients in Iowa and Illinois. Thank you, Michelle, for your exceptional dedication and service. Your adventurous spirit and professional excellence are an inspiration to us all.
Michalene Gompf-Oates is a Regional Director of Clinical in the Indiana office. Originally a funeral director in central Ohio — working in a family-owned business — she made a significant career shift to nursing 16 years ago. Her unique experiences have equipped her with exceptional empathy and understanding, qualities that she brings to her nursing practice across Ohio and Indiana. We are immensely grateful to her for her positive impact. Thank you, Michalene!